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Guinness Storehouse… I mean, Dublin!

Oh heyyyy…

So, I figured I should probably post something again, since I’m so wonderfully inconsistent at blogging this summer.  Good times all around.  The research projects are coming to a frantic end… we present on Thursday next week in front of lots of people and I am in a team of myself and have lots of work to do still in order to get something super-research-legit together by that time… yup.

So, my new favorite breakfast… go to Gregg, get a white coffee and a bacon bap… its basically a super yummy roll, a couple slices of english bacon and get some brown sauce on there…. YUMMMM!

Ok, Ok, to DUBLIN!

We did Dublin this last weekend, and as the airline geek that I am, it was really cool to finally get to fly RyanAir, this uber low cost budget airline that I had heard about so much across the pond, the same airline that want to charge 20p for the bathroom and wants to convert the last 10 rows of its planes into standing room only.  Needless to say, I was interested in this experience.

So, we trained into Manchester Airport and made our way into the Ticket Hall, which was insane, because airlines dont actually have like set booths, they all had plasma screens over them saying which airline it was for and the destination that line was for… good times.  So RyanAir’s Dublin flight was downstairs, and they had one person working it.  Now, as a non-UKer, we had to get our ticket (which we had to pre-print or we faced a 40 pound fine) stamped or else we would not be allowed on the plane.  Neat.  We got that done, and the interesting part is, at no time did we get seat designations.  So, we get to our gate, and people are kind of standing in line already, well, we followed and got in line as well.  Basically, the RyanAir way is get in line as quick as you can, give them your ticket, and head out to the plane… oh yeah, no jetway, just walk yourself right out to the plane.  They open both the front and back door, and then once you get up on the plane, seats are first come first serve.  You kind of just grab whatever you can, get your overhead bin space and sit.  The seats are plastic backed, there is no pouch in front of you for like books, magazines and stuff and your emergency info card is a big sticker on the back of the top of the seat.  Goooooood times.  That experience was pretty interesting, and so was the fact that it was only a 35 minute flight.  Up to 24k feet, sit there for 5 minutes, then back down.  Done.

So Abby and I grabbed a bus into town, which dropped us off pretty close to our hostel, which was nice, and we got ourselves checked in before Rick and Mike came via ferry across the Irish Sea, and Steph and Jenn came down from Belfast.  We went back out and explored around O’Connell Street, which is the main drag down to the Liffey River.  It was raining pretty bad, and Abby came up with the brilliant idea to go ahead and get on a Dublin Tour Bus and see the city, since the tickets were good for 24 hours, so we could use it Saturday as well.  We caught the bus on the second stop, so we lucked out with a full circle and tour of Dublin.  We had the top deck to ourselves for a large bulk of the trip, so it was a lot of fun to run out in the rain in the uncovered part of it to snap pictures in the rain of sites that we stopped at.


Pretty sure this is Christ Church.

So, we got off the bus at the last stop, and ended up right in front of a great gift shop, so we did some shopping and then moved on to dinner at a pub.  Now, the thing about Dublin is that it was one of the most expensive locations so far on this trip.  We are talking like 11 euro for an Irish Bacon and Cabbage dinner and 5 euro Guinness… thats almost 20 bucks right there.  So yeah, I liked Dublin, but it was just wayyyyy expensive.  We then met up with Rick and Mike who had just gotten in from their sail in, which they enjoyed, and we went back out to bar that was a bar and restaurant on the first floor with traditional Irish music, and a dance club on the second floor.  It was interesting to listen to the traditional stuff and enjoy that and then in between songs hear Lady Gaga and techno creep down the stairs from the second floor.

Saturday rolled around with calmer weather in the morning, and Steph, Jenn, Abby and I boarded the first bus around the city, with my one and only goal at that point was to get to the Guinness Storehouse as quickly as possible.  We got there, and Jenn and I got in, bought our tickets and went inside.

Now, this is what I have been looking forward to experiencing this entire trip, and the Storehouse did not disappoint.  The museum was built inside one of the older main brewery buildings before it moved, and the main atrium is shaped just like a Guinness Pint Glass.  You start the tour in the atrium, where the 9000 yr. lease that Arthur Guinness signed is placed in the floor at the very center.  The first couple of floors are dedicated to the brewing process and is a really well layed out and in depth description of how Guinness is made.  They even have roasted barley for you to taste during an exhibit on the roasting process.  At the end of the making of Guinness part of the tour, you get a free smaller sample with a 5 senses guide to Guinness, which was cool.  The rest of the musuem is a mix of business suites, restaurants and exhibits like the barrelling process, transportation back in the olden days down the River Liffey, and Guinness Advertising, including awhole section dedicated to John Gilroy who was the artist behind many of those iconic Guinness ads.  Then, on the fourth floor, you can Pour Your Own Pint.  So, of course, I turned in my complimentary pint ticket there and learned how to pour a pint, which was awesommmmmme!  The top floor of the museum is the Gravity Bar, which is a 360 view of Dublin from the top of the storehouse and luckily, the weather had cleared up a bit and we got some great views of Dublin below… now for the pictures!

The 9000 Year Lease on the St. James Location

The Guinness Glass Atrium- those steel girders are originals

I agree

So cool that the Yeast is always the same...

I agree again.

Your 5 senses and enjoying Guinness!

I agree yet again.

A specially built barge for transporting Guinness down the River Liffey.

I love the Chieftains! I love Guinness! I love it all!!!!


one more check on my life checklist.... yesssssssss

Diagram of the Storehouse… you can see the Guinness Glass Atrium here…

Learning how to pour my own pinttttttt!!!!!




And a slow pour to finish the pint *swoon*

I successfully poured my own pint!

I have never seen a polar bear edition of these ads... sooo cool

They had some original sketches of John Gilroys as well as some original drawings.

Looking over Dublin with a pint

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand… nothing else matters now…. ok bye!

Just kidding, we went off to lunch after this, to a really traditional place that was recommended while we were on the bus tour.  They had huge portions of really great Irish food, and it was totes yummy and a great meal.  I actually felt like it was worth the 12 euro that time.  After lunch we went off to Trinity College, the oldest college in Ireland, and got a tour from a former student of the college, who was very very very funny and informative.  It was a short tour but well worth it because of the student leading us around.  The second half of the tour was an opportunity to see the Book of Kells at the Library, which is a really great and detailed illuminated manuscript.

Trinity College Quad


After Trinity, we walked over to a part of town where many of the museums were concentrated, and Abby and I went for the National Gallery of Art, which was really great and had a good mix of stuff, including Caravaggio as well as some really great modern Irish Art.  After that closed, we popped over to Merrion Park to see a statue of Oscar Wilde, which was neat.

Oscar Wilde

We then headed back to the hostel, relaxed for awhile, went back out and got some dinner, and roamed around the city a bit more.  That was it for the night and Abby and I were off mid morning back to the airport to catch our flight back to Manchester.

Sunday night was also the World Cup Final, which certainly got better as it went along.  Although I didn’t really care who won, I was mildly pulling for the Dutch, but after watching Robben whine like a baby for about 20 minutes, I quickly dropped that support and was glad the game wasn’t decided on penalty kicks.

So, now we are off to Cambridge and London this weekend, and I don’t really know how quickly I’ll be able to get a blog post up just because next week is Final Presentation week and its going to be epic hectic trying to finish this project, and these posts take a loooong time to do unfortunately….. I’ll see what I can do though.

Thanks for staying tuned, and Jeff and Mom, I’m pretty sure you guys are still neck and neck in the Comment War.  Good luck and good night.

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Bill and Ted’s Scottish Adventure!!!

OK, so I suck at this whole blog thing this summer.  Sorry everyone… don’t worry, I suck at checking my work email too.  Totes.

So, let’s recap then last weekends activities in Scotland, since not much actually really happens around here in Lancaster… other than research and library parties.

So, last Friday we hit Scotland for a 3 day weekend, leaving Friday morning for Glasgow from Lancaster.  We got into Central and then walked about 20 minutes to our hostel for the evening, passing by such things as the Royal Scottish Academy for Dance and Theater and the Glasgow School of Art… I totes painted a painting while tugging along my bag.  (Totes count is at 2).  McLay’s Guest House was fairly nice, we got checked in and paid, but we couldn’t get in our rooms until 2pm, so we dropped our bags and headed down to grab some lunch at a pub on the next street over.  Hence, my fabulous first picture in Glasgow…



Yup, thats the first time I have seen this amazing ketchup bottle outside of the #1 movie about Brits Running Around since Chariots of Fire- Run, Fatboy, Run, staring Simon Pegg, who I have yet to meet over here, which is weird, because there is like what, one other city in England other than Lancaster? And yes, that is Carlsberg, which is scrumpcious. (I’m not even going to spell check that.)

We picked up and bought our tickets for the Glasgow Site Seeing Bus from there as well.  This was about a 1.5 hour drive around the main parts of the city, and we took it around until we got to the University of Glasgow, which although is super old, like 1500’s, it was in another part of the city, and did not move to its current site until like the 1750’s… give or take a fact check on those years.

Bridge in Glasgow, which can be seen in the background of BBC Scotland News casts

University of Glasgow--- sooooo purty.

So, at U of Glasgow, we ran into graduation, which was pretty cool, you know, Graduation Crashing, so it was pretty busy all around the main building on campus and it was kinda funny watching a lot of the guys walking around in graduation robes and kilts… ohhhh Scotland, you’re the bomb.  We walked all over the campus, which is really well made for pedestrians and has some good green spaces.  We checked out the student union on campus, and also, found a row of townhouses which ended up being my favorite part of campus.  Each townhouse was essentially devoted to a subject, and it looked pretty cool and was an interesting way to lay out offices/campus space while within the city.

There shall one day be a Higher Education and Student Affairs Townhouse, and I shall make itttttt!

We took the bus back to our hostel after that, and got into our rooms, which were actually pretty nice, and then headed back out to check out Glasgow Cathedral a bit closer after seeing it fairly quickly on the bus tour.  The cathedral was pretty nice, and we also travelled into the Necropolis behind the cathedral too.  It was a pretty decent evening, just walking around the city, and we ended up getting some dinner, and then heading back to the hostel to hang out and chat and turn in early… probably the most comfy beds I have slept on so far.

Stephanie and I then left on our own fairly early the next morning, in search of Parkhead, home of Glasgow Celtic Football Club, one of my faves, although I discovered them when they had Shunsuke Nakamura, who has now retired.  (Check this link for one of the sweetest goals ever: )  The place was pretty sweet, although getting to it was a bit troublesome due to construction for a new national arena and sports site.


After a little while, it was off to the West End Glasgow Highland Games, which was pretty sweet.  It was held on local fields and part of a Rugby team field, and had Highland Dancing, Heavy Throwing, some good food stands, and a pipe band.  It was a pretty good time listening to the music and then getting to watch the throwing events as well.

Highland Games Pipe Band

After the Highland Games, we went back to the hostel to grab our bags and head off to Edinburgh, checking into our hostel there and getting freshened up.  We walked through part of the city, past Edinburgh Castle, heading to a bar recommended to us by the guys working the hostel to watch the USA v. Ghana game.  I once again got some crap for wearing my USA jersey out, and unfortunately, the US could not come through in the match.  Gutted, absolutely gutted by that loss.  I am in the camp of moving on from Bob Bradley, but am highly encouraged for the 2014 World Cup, because we should have another solid striker back in Charlie Davies, and we have a really great crop of young midfielders coming up through the academy ranks.  Hopefully we can get our boys over to Europe to get some top-notch game playing under their belts before 2014.

Called it a night after some Italian food, it was all that was open, and then started bright and early the next day with Edinburgh Castle.  The castle was amazing and beautiful and had tons of great museums and places to explore within the buildings that made up the whole castle.

Edinburgh Castle


After hitting up lunch, we split off into smaller groups, with Liz and I taking a walk around various other areas of the city such as Grey Friar’s, St. Giles Cathedral (which we visited and paid our respects to for our classmate Ed Giles), and then Calton Hill.  Calton Hill was pretty darn sweet, because it gave stunning views of the whole city, the castle, and Arthur’s Seat.  The cool, nerdy thing about all this, is that Arthur’s Seat was a volcano many moons ago, and created the hill that is there now, as well as the hill that the castle sits on.  Pre-ice age volcano transitions into ice age, which shifts the ground and slants all the solidified volcanic rock, then the glaciers are like “Dueces!” and took off with their peeps and all the soft rock on top of all the volcanic rock, leaving a sweet, almost internal view of the Arthur’s Seat volcano.  NERRRRRRRD ALERT!!!

Arthurs Seat

After that, Liz and I were pretty beat, and so we walked back into the city center and looked for a pub to catch the last of the England v. Germany match… lo and behold, we found a TGIF’s, and I was totally fine with going cheezy American to relax over some football and beer.  Pint of Beck’s, mozzarella sticks to share, and Germany doing it’s thang was a good end to our Scottish adventure.  We hit up the train to come back and got in back to Lancaster to relax.

This past week has been pretty decent, with our research projects kicking into gear, and the reality is sinking in that we now have like 2 weeks with full, travel weekends to get these projects done… guhhhhhhhh.  School, stop it.  STOP IT!

Til next trip then? Mebbe.

Also, no one got the quiz question correct from last post, all two guesses, Mom and Jeff P..  The Duke of Lancaster, who owns Lancaster Castle, is the Queen of England!  Yuppppppppp, she’s the Duke.  She’s the everything really. Shooooot.

Also, I love how I had two totes in like the first two sentences, and then no more after that.  Also, no trivia.  Sorryyyyyy.

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Ok, Ok, I know, I know.

Seriously, I know.  I haven’t posted in like a week, and that’s total rubbish on my part.  Sorry, sorry, sorry.  Ok, you happy?  Sorry.  Ok.

Sooooooo, synthesizing the past week, this will be interesting.

OK, so, Saturday of last weekend, we were still in Manchester, and the day was kind of spent moseying around the city, doing some looking around, shopping, and I was wearing my USA Jersey with Guzan’s name and number on the back.  For those of you who don’t know (99.5 and a half % of you), Brad Guzan is the second string goalie for the USA and the second string goalie for my team, Aston Villa.  But I love Brad anyway, and know he has a promising career ahead of him, hopefully at Villa, and I support him now because of all that.  I got some good amount of slack for the shirt, including while walking past a group going into the Hyundai Fan Park by our hostel (a public watching area for the game with a huge screen, food stalls and games), I was told “You have shite on your back.”  I waved and walked on.  Although I did check to make sure later that a bird hadn’t in fact pooped on my back, but that they were just referring to my boy Brad Guzan, and in that case, they are totally wrong about him.  So, we went to a pub called the Lass O’Gowrie because they were the only ones to email me back, and got a seat litterally right under their big projection screen.  Now if you know me and soccer, I get very tense and wacky, so imagine me tense and wacky while my head is cranked back watching this screen.  Exactly.

lass o'gowrie?

at the pub, it's full of english blokes and lasses

So, the game.  A fair result for us, the draw.  The funniest/most heartbreaking/annoying part of the match though, that many of you may not have heard about was that iTV, the station carrying the game that night actually put a commercial on about 20 seconds before Gerrard made his USA-shambolic-defense-enabled run to score on Timmy Howard.  The match reappeared with Steven celebrating and the score at 1-nil.  People were pissed, were cheering, and I was drinking deeply from my pint.  I think it’s hilarious now though that this country has not even seen its only goal of the whole tourney thus far… and lemme tell yah, it’s wearing on them.  Needless to say, I survived the walk home that night after a walk over to the gay club and bar district for dinner that night and I live to tell my tale of watching the USA England match in England!  Yeehaw!


Sunday saw us heading off to Liverpool via train.  We got in, had some lunch, and went down to the Mersey River.  We walked around for awhile, finally making it to the Beatles museum.  This was pretty good, and included an audio tour of the place, a recreation of The Cavern, where they got their start, and a really trippy part of the musuem dedicated to their Yellow Submarine and Sgt. Pepper days.


It was pouring in true British fashion when we finished the tour, and we wanted to go do other stuff so we trekked outside in the pouring rain.  We had seen the Liverpool Cathedral when we were walking in, because it was totes huge in the distance, so we made our way towards that.  After about 30 minutes and a good soaking, we were inside the Cathedral at the end of the service.  We walked around for awhile after the service, took pics, explored many of the cathedrals back hallways and had a great peanut butter/chocolate dessert bar there too.  At this point, we started walking back to the station, because it was getting into the evening time and we were pretty beat.  And yeah, thats Sunday… awkward endinggggg.


So, we left our hostel quite early Monday morning and began the epic journey north to Lancaster with all of our baggage to the university.  The trains were packed and I ended up needing to stand up the entire journey holding my luggage, which there is a lot of.  So, we had to change over trains at Preston, which required us to navigate multiple sets of stairs with our very heavy luggage.  We got on our next train though and pulled into Lancaster, and got a taxi van and told him to take us to County College at Lancaster University.  Now, don’t think I’m insulting the Brits or their system when I describe the college system here in a sec, because this is how they explain it to us.  Lancaster is one of like 6 universities that works on the college system, and these are primarily housing and social colleges, and have little to do with academics.  Think of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, etc.  except County, Pendle, Furness, Fylde…. 9 in total.  It’s pretty sweet, and oh yeah, true to their drinking culture, each college has its own unique bar… SCORE!

So, we arrived and got all checked in and got our rooms… they are singles and actually not that bad overall.  We all live in various places in County Main which is this square building that surrounds County’s symbol, a huge oak tree.

Inside the County quad with Stephanie

So, this past week has consisted of various talks about the university itself, the history of the area, the current state of things in British education and politics (coalition government, new budget, etc.), talks about the structure of British higher education which puts a huge amount of stress on the Admissions folks… I don’t know how much people are interested in these details… let me know if you want to hear about them further and I can explain.  A bunch of us also went into town on Wednesday for an open air market with fresh foods, as well as went up to Lancaster Castle, which is now a working courthouse and jail, but was an AMAZING tour.  Also, guess this out… Lancaster Castle is owned by the Duke of Lancaster.   Does anyone know who the Duke of Lancaster is?  NO GOOGLING!!! YOU MUST GUESS IN THE COMMENTS!!! So, last week turned into a really great acclimation period, and it really has been a shock moving from the relaxed hanging out part of last week to the working, researchy part of this week…. Boo.

Oh yeah, we also met and recieved our internship sites… and lo and behold because nothing should ever be this simple in life, Abby and I’s project was cancelled only days before we came.  Sooooo, my new position is in the International Office and I will be looking at study abroad fees and doing market research on those, as well as the development of study abroad scholarships, which there really is no history of in Britain in general as far as scholarships, mainly because students didnt have to pay tuition up until like 2002.  Yeah, small factoid for you.  So that is going pretty well so far, and the staff in the office is super great and super helpful, and it should turn out to be a good project over the next four weeks.


So, Saturday, Becky, Abby, Liz and I went off to Blackpool, which many Lancaster students had excessively warned us against, but were told by others that it was the Atlantic City of Northern England…. I don’t really know what Blackpool was… but it was totes awk.  It was really a cross between People of Walmart and a B level Atlantic City…  lots and lots of Stag and Hen parties, aka Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.  I still don’t know what to make of it.

Sunday was the total opposite as we went to Windemere and the Lakes District, probably one of the most scenic places in England.  We got there later in the morning and went up to a lookout point called Orrest Head.  It was probably a 25 minute walk up a hill, but the view at the top was absolutely phenomenal.  This was probably one of the top 5 views I have ever seen… it was great.  We had lunch later in the day in a great local restaurant and walked around the surrounding village for most of the rest of the day…

More surrounding area of Windemere

Lake Windemere- largest lake in England

I’m going to leave it there because I feel like this has gotten long… I’ll probably post again after Scotland…

Also, USA USA USAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!  We had to go to the Grad College’s Pub today for the game, and they set up one TV for the USA game in the corner, every other screen on campus was for the England game… but our group went absolutely beserk when Landon scored his 91st minute winner!  On to Ghana this weekend… I’ll be watching somewhere in Edinburgh… yeahhhhh boy!

Til later then.

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I made it!  Yeahhhhh boy!  I am having a Carling and am watching the France Uruguay game currently.

So, Chicago ended up being ridiculous after I left the Admiral’s Club.  Seriously, a kid uber-barfed in the waiting area not 4 chairs down from me, further cementing the fact that I don’ t like children.  Thennnn, my worst flying fears came true as I was surrounded by a youth group that was flying for the first time, meaning loud talking, constant talking, clapping at landing, cheering at takeoff, moving in and out of seats all the time, not paying attention to and disregarding flight attendants… guh….

So, I arrived Friday morning into cloudy and suprisingly cold Manchester, got through customs after getting the most questions from a customs officer ever for my travels… I actually had to pull out the letter from OSU saying I was legit studying abroad.  Got my bag, and quickly realized as I always seems to do on these types of trips, I overpacked yo.  Like, really bad.  My big bag is ridiculously heavy and I still had to hoof it over to the trainstation which is on like opposite ends of the complex from the terminal.  Heavy bag and 1 hr of sleep on the plane is a recipe for grumpy Joel.  Also, lesson learned, but if you don’t know which train to go on, don’t buy from the machine and try to be all independent… suck it up and go to the man in the window and buy your ticket there.  I think I overpaid for my ticket.  So, I got to Deansgate station and met up with Liz, Jenn and Steph and we checked into our hostel in the Potato Wharf.  The place is pretty nice although it is a bit like camping, camper bathroom and bunk beds and all.  We got settled in, grabbed a latte (yes, caffeine), and headed out to find some lunch.  We got into the center of Manchester and walked around for a few hours, got ourselves some cheap mobiles (9.99 pounds) with 10 pounds worth of texts and minutes so we can keep in contact with each other over here.  Then it was off to lunch, which I am still excited over, a great order of fish and chips and mushy peas, accompanied by a Guinness Extra Cold (which is so yummy and the cold makes a big difference) and a Murphy’s Bitter.  Needless to say, all was right in the universe after that.  Also, for those of you counting at home, no that does not mean I had three beers today.  It actually means that I am acclimating myself to the culture over here and that I had three pints today, which is in fact totalllllllly different from three beers.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of meandering around the city in a daze, going back to the hostel, showering, napping for an hour and then waking up in time to see a great second half of the South Africa v. Mexico game.  Seriously, that was a decent second half, much better than the France Uruguay game.

Ew, Wayne Rooney is on the tv right now.  Boo.  Ok, that’s it, not sure what we are doing tomorrow other than going to a pub I found that looks awesome for the England v. USA match.  730 here, 230 eastern time, you all need to be watching this game!  For serious, it’s on ESPN.

And that part below… it was like the second thing I wrote, my battery lasted longer than my Carling.


OK, so my battery is really low, I let it run down too much in Chicago, and so I may have to turn off at any time.  I just wanted to let you all know though that the Brits are well versed on our current popular culture and music, as the music in this pub full of 30 somethings and business-suited professionals has been playing 20 mins straight of Top 40 music.  Yup.  Dig it.

I’ll probably get back to ya’ll when I get to Lancaster, and I’ll have some more wit and stories for you.  Hopefully not barfing kids.  Also, comment on what you want me to comment on, I feel like I just ramble in these posts sometimes.

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No, I did not run into Macaulay Culkin

So, I didn’t my first post to be random from home or work or anything, I want to start it out on the road.  So, this one comes to you from O’Hare up in Chi-town while sit poshly in an Admiral’s Club, because even though it will be years until I do this for Large State University as a living, it is my millenial-generation given privilege to be comfortable at all times.  So, therefore, I got a One-Day Pass to the Admiral’s Club for my 7 hour layover, and so I can be ironic by listening to Adam Lambert while watching a bigtime business dude hunch over his corporate laptop and snack on Admiral Club snack mix ( copyright to American Airlines, not Chex).

So, if you don’t know this already, I’m a judger, and airports are like Candyland for me because I have this like epic soundtrack going on in my head that is a combination of Simon Cowell, Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear, Gordon Ramsey, and oh, let’s throw some Perez Hilton in that mix, and I just sit there and feast on the the great melting pot of people, issues, families, kids, clothing, music, and etc. that is the airport.

***OMG, this guy is totally doing a legit conference call in here right now.  I feel like I’m his backup and should start yelling SELL SELL SELL.****

So, it’s interesting to walk in and see the odd mix of business suits and then families with PSP-clad children and then the folks enjoying their retirement by travelling around the world.  Of course, then there is me with my canvas hippie shoes and the pink tee I’m wearing right now (I don’t follow travel fashion rules, obviously), owning my leather chair and trying to look as epicly business-like as possible.  I’m thinking about making exasperated motions and facial expressions, and then yelling out things like “I can’t believe you *insert random stock code here*.”  I just lost billions on that stock.  Totally, they’ll all believe it.

Ok, so I have no idea what all that was typed in above.  I’ll try not to try that hard in the future to be funny.  I haven’t taken any pictures yet, so that foto in the flickr thing is old, and should be joined by others in mere days.

Happy summer, and I’ll talk to you all from the other side of the pond.

Oh, the blog title, USA USA USA Bloooooooooooooog, you ask?  Why yes, I was totally blank at the moment for something both descriptive AND funny, so I just combined some World Cup jingoism and a long drawn out word… which is of course my trademark.

OMG, MORE BUSINESS DEALS ARE HAPPENING AROUND ME!  This is awesome, I feel like I’m on Wall Street, except not.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!